The BKKS 2020 National Koi Show

is to be held on

Saturday & Sunday 4th & 5th July


I am pleased to announce that we now have a new Show Committee for the 2020 BKKS National Koi Show.   But we are still looking for an additional person who could take on the role of Sponsorship coordinator, principally for the main raffles, trophies etc.   So, if you feel you would like to get involved then please contact the Show Chairman.  

We are always looking for people to help organise the Show, so if you can help in anyway, please email the Show Chairman at 

Bob Jacobs

BKKS Chairman

The BKKS 2020 Show Committee:

Show Chairman                                  Archie Dick
Show Treasurer                                  Ian Jenkins
Dealer Liaison                                    Ian Jenkins
Benching Admin.                               To be advised
Water Test Team Leader                    Syd Mitchell
Koi Welfare Officer                            To be advised
Dinner Dance Liaison                        Emma-Jayne David
Public Relations Officer                    Emma-Jayne David
JSC Representative                           Allan Tait
Exhibitor Representative                  Bob Jacobs
Trophies and Gate                             Larry Lambert
Sponsorship coordinator                 Vacant