The BKKS 2020 National Koi Show Vat booking

Vat booking will be opened up on the 4th March at midnight. 

Show Party bookings are now available just click on SHOW PARTY follow the instructions.

Once you have completed the booking form and have selected your meal options, make sure you click on the submit button at the bottom of the page before you go on to payment.   When you submit the form you will get a message in green type saying it was successful.

I mention this as a number of people last year forgot to submit the form.

Bob Jacobs

BKKS Chairman

The BKKS 2020 Show Committee

Show Chairman – Archie Dick
Show Treasurer – Ian Jenkins
Dealer Liaison – Ian Jenkins
Benching Admin – To be advised
Water Test Team Leader – Syd Mitchell
Koi Welfare Officer – Hefin Jones
Dinner Dance Liaison – Emma-Jayne David
Public Relations Officer – Emma-Jayne David
JSC Representative – Allan Tait
Exhibitor Representative – Bob Jacobs
Trophies and Gate – Larry Lambert
Sponsorship coordinator – Vacant