The BKKS 2019 National Koi Show

Grand Champion 96cm Maruyama Kohaku


Well, the BKKS National Koi Show is now over, but what a Show, and we were lucky with the weather again.
I am sure this year’s Show will go down in history for many reasons.
We were very fortunate to have a large variety of dealers offering all sorts of goodies to tempt the visiting public.
Attendance figures were up on last year which is very pleasing.
Some of the best raffle prizes we have ever had, so a very big thank you to all those dealers who supplied them.
The addition of Japanese style trophies which made a significant impression on the awards display.
But we must also acknowledge the contribution to the hobby of koi keeping by Kevin Paul, who not only exhibited the first 100cm Go-Sanke at an English Koi Show, but also took the Grand Champion award for the third year in a row, with his now 96cm Maruyama Kohaku.  What an achievement.
As previous years, we had some excellent koi donated to be auctioned both on Saturday, Sunday and at the Saturday evening dinner dance.  It is not very often that we actually have the breeder of the auction koi at our dinner dance, but this year we did, Masaru Saito and Kensuke Saito of Shintaro Koi Farm.   Masaru Saito also kindly agreed to present the awards on Sunday, which was very kind of him.
So, thank you to Shintaro Koi Farm, Kitsu Koi, Queni Koi, Adam Byer Koi Farm and Quality Nishikigoi for donating the koi.
I hope all of those who attended the Show had a great day and enjoyed the high quality koi on display.  Our thanks to all those hobbyists, who exhibited their koi for all of us to be able to view.
Also the dealers for their support and sponsorship, all those who helped to put up the Show, run it and take it down.   To the Show Committee for organising such a memorable event.  To the JSC for judging the Show, our HSC who ensure the health and welfare of our koi.
And last but not least, the general public, who all together made it an event to remember.
Bob Jacobs
BKKS Chairman

The BKKS 2019 Show Committee:

Show Chairman                                 James Colley
Show Treasurer                                 Carmen Jenkins
Dealer Liaison                                    Paul Williams
Benching Admin.                               Iain Kirkbright
Water Test Team Leader                    Syd Mitchell
Health Team Manager                        John Botha
Dinner Dance Liaison                        Emma-Jane David
Public Relations Officer                    Emma-Jane David
JSC Representative                           Allan Tait
HSC Representative                          John Botha
Exhibitor Representative                   Bob Jacobs
Adviser 1                                             Archie Dick
Adviser 2                                             Ian Jenkins
Adviser 3                                             Larry Lambert